New York Toy Fair 2023 Products

Bring your world to life with HoloToyz!

Experience a world beyond your imagination with HoloToyz: the multi award winning toys that come to life in front of your very eyes!   

Bridging the gap between physical play and digital learning, HoloToyz is revolutionizing the toy industry by giving kids the chance to engage in the real world with Augmented Reality (AR) characters that magically spring to life!   

The KidSAFE certified HoloToyz app is free to download and opens up a new dimension in AR for younger children. Combining a simple, creative play mechanic with advanced technology to reveal a new, interactive world of play, HoloToyz temporary tattoos, stickers and books feature a host of much-loved TV characters plus an array of magical creatures, pets, dinosaurs and vehicles to suit all interests.  

HoloToyz Temporary Tattoos & Stickers 
The HoloToyz Paw Patrol range is a favourite with pre-school children. Simply scan the Paw Patrol tattoos or stickers and be amazed as the famous pups are brought to life using in breath-taking 3D animation. Using the ‘tap to place’ feature in the app, children can bring their favourite characters into their room with them and take photos and videos beside them for the first time to share with family and friends! 
HoloToyz is set to launch a new exciting range of creative activity sets. Their new Paw Patrol HoloTeez set allows kids the opportunity to color in their tees, then scan them to watch the AR magic unfold. Watch as their favourite Paw Patrol jumps to life off their t-shirt! The HoloTeez range features characters from the show emblazoned on the front of a classic white T-Shirt which is included in each pack. Using the ‘tap to place’ feature on the app, children can bring the characters into the room to take photos and videos with them after the tee is scanned. 

HoloToyz Interactive Story Books 
Creating a shared story experience for ages 2-6, the HoloToyz story books are incredibly special. Packed with interactive pages themed around childhood favorites, including Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures and Household Pets, each page can be brought to life in 3D animation and supported by read-aloud audio plus fabulous sound effects to aid learning and ignite the child’s imagination in a new, immersive way. Swipe up, down, left and right to see and learn about how the creatures move. 

HoloToyz AR Jigsaw Puzzles  
Pre-schoolers can piece together their favourite pups and watch them jump to life after completing the puzzle with the new HoloToyz jigsaw puzzles. Included are 4 x AR puzzles (12, 16, 20 and 24 pcs) which aim to promote the importance of building, problem-solving, concentration and creativity skills. Once the puzzle is completed, simply scan the app over the puzzle and watch it magically jump into action while playing the ever-catchy theme tune! Using the ‘tap to place’ feature on the app, children can bring the characters into the room to take photos and videos with them after the puzzle is made. This sku really does make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present.  

HoloToyz Puzzle Cubez

The HoloToyz Puzzle Cubez offer kids a novel puzzle-making experience by introducing 3D magnetic Paw Patrol cubes. As children construct these magnetic puzzles, they simply scan the completed puzzle to animate their favorite Paw Patrol character, immersing themselves in a whole new dimension of puzzle fun. The 6 cubes challenge little ones to create 6 different scenes which appear in awesome 3D in front of your eyes! Listen out for the pup noises and the much-loved Paw Patrol theme tune too. Using the ‘tap to place’ feature on the app, children can bring the characters into the room to take photos and videos with them after the puzzle is made. 

Look out for the HoloToyz range which is available now at and will be available on the high street very soon so keep your eyes peeled! HoloToyz product is suitable for children age 2 – 7 years with RRP from $6.99 - $24.99. 

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