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Augmentation loads and plays, but doesn’t have any audio?

Be sure to double check that the device is not set on “silent mode.” For iOS devices, there is a switch for silent mode on the upper left side of the device. Also, be sure to have the volume turned up.

When scanning a target, the app doesn’t recognize the target and begin loading?

This can occur due to one of three reasons. The camera feed is too dark, the camera isn’t in focus or you have selected the wrong category.

If you are attempting to scan a target in a dark environment, you should turn on your phone’s flashlight. For supported phones, you can do this in the app by selecting the flash icon at the bottom of the screen. This should help significantly.

If your camera feed is blurry, you can tap on the screen to focus the camera.

If you have turned on the flash and the camera is in focus and still having problems, it’s likely that you are currently scanning in the wrong category. The Box icon in the upper left in the main view of the app will bring up the “Choose a product to scan!” screen. Select the proper category and try to scan again.

There is no option to share after taking a picture or video?

All sharing options are turned off for ages 13 and younger. The birthday selection at the initial launch of the app determines the age of the user. Users who are older than 13 will have the option to share.

Augmentation gets stuck loading and never fully loads?

As with any app that downloads content from the cloud, connection quality can affect download times. If you are experiencing problems after several minutes fully close the app and restart. This should fully flush the current download and solve the issue.

How long do holotoyz tattoo's last?

Most HoloToyz last about 2-4 days. Some of the ones with intricate, fine lines may wear off a bit sooner. They are waterproof and are fine in the shower and the swimming pool — in fact, they will last longer if you keep it clean by washing the area gently. Don’t forget to place the HoloToyz on an oil-free skin surface!